Gift Ideas...

Really? Sign

Really !!!!!
Is it that hard ?
How many times have you said this phrase ? You can hang this on the wall close to your toilet paper holder. Everyone in your house or guests coming over will get a kick out of this true phrase. Sign is 14" x 5.5 ".
Item # DNS D 0001
Only $ 7.00

Executive Gift Set

Dress up your purse or briefcase with this glamorous pink executive gift set. It includes a pen, key ring, and business card holder. All covered in deep pink faux snakeskin with glittering crystals.
Item # GI SL 0005
Only $ 18.00

5 Piece Stainless Bowl Set with Lids

This stainless steel set contains 5 bowls, 5 lids. Each bowl includes a plastic lid that snaps on to form an airtight seal to keep food fresh and easily stores leftovers. Plus they fridge , freezer, bowls only are dishwasher safe,( lids are not) stack together for easy storage. 
Item # PTV 0002
Only $ 10.00

Happy Trails Key Rack

How many times have you misplaced your keys? Like most of us it happens all the time and we get in such a hurry trying to find them. With this cute little
happy trails camper your keys won't be misplaced again.
Item # GI SL 0003
Only $ 10.00

Buzz Lightyear/Cars Pen and Paper Set

Your little one will enjoy having his/ her own pen, and paper. Featuring buzz light year / Cars. Limited supply with pen and paper.
Item # GI SL 0004
Only $ 3.00 (each piece)

Candle Holder Trio

Add candles to this trio of brightly colored candle cups. Each cup feature patterned glass and scalloped edges in shades of lemon, orange, and lime. Each is 2" x 2" x 2".
Item # GI SL 0006
Only $ 10.00

Back Pack/ Purse Set

Darling baby girl will enjoy having her own backpack, and purse. Having her purple or pink purse wherever she goes, she will act like such a big girl.
Item # GI SL 00010
Only $ 10.00

School Days Photo Frame

Fun photo frame traces your child's progress thru school from start to finish. A way to display your ongoing pride. As your favorite student makes his/her own way towards graduation. Fit's 1"x 2" photo, no easel back, 2 saw tooth on back for hanging.
Item # GI SL 0011
Only $ 12.00

Sleep over Set

Everything you need to take with you on a sleepover, or just use it at your own comfort at home. Blanket is 50"x 60", 2 pillows, CD rack.
Item # GI SL 0012
Only $ 25.00 

Created by RBDavis