Fashionable Head Chains...

Rhinestone And Pearl Flower Headchain

Rhinestone and pearl fringe flower headchain, enjoy the multi colors to give your outfit some color. It has claw clasp closure-adjustable.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0002

Only $ 15.00

Metal Head Piece With Chain Fringe

Dress up your head with this fashionable head chain, also with a diamond net drop chain.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0001

Only $15.00

Big Leaf With Side Drop Layer

Enjoy the simple gold look with this link etched big leaf side drop layer fringe hair accessory.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0003

Only $ 12.00

Yellow Flower Drop Fringe Head Chain

Enjoy the extra look with this yellow flower and triple link drop fringe head chain.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0004

Only $ 12.00

Mint Floral Link Headchain

Your favorite mint floral green, link accented pearl centered head chain. Definitely will brighten up your outfit.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0005

Only $ 12.00 

Accented Leaf Simple Head Chain

Use this small gold piece of leaf chain accessory for a stunning head piece.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0006

Only $ 10.00

Dahila Flower Head Chain

Dahlia flower front centered pearl dangle headchain.

Claw clasp closure-adjustable

Item # WFHC ANDB 0007

Only $ 12.00

Multi Mix Flower Head Chain

Use this multi mix flower head chain for all special occasions. It has a claw clasp closure-adjustable.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0008

Only $ 15.00

Bohemian leaves Head Chain

A bohemian head chain with leaves and tassels.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0009

Only $ 10.00

Side Drop Floral Fringe Head Chain

This luxurious flower has a side drop fringe chain, claw clasp closure-adjustable

Item #WFHC ANDB 0010

Only $ 12.00

Diamond Shape Link Head Chain

This silver diamond shape link has a dangle coin detailed.

Item # WFHC ANDB 0011

Only $ 12.00

Multi Flower Cluster Head Chain

Wear these vibrant colors with your favorite outfit. It has a claw clasp closure-adjustable

Item # WFHC ANDB 0012

Only $ 15.00

Created by RBDavis